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Pay It Forward Scholarships is a not-for-profit foundation that helps down-on-their-luck adults. We offer scholarships in courses that can lead to a new career and options in life. Scholarships cover single units of competency through to Certificate IV-level or higher courses, and are delivered via many pathways such as face-to-face or distance / online.

In return, scholarship recipients must agree to help three other people in a significant manner within a year of completing their course. That is, to pay it forward. Indeed, Ms. Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book “Pay it Forward” – from which the Kevin Spacey / Helen Hunt movie was made – is the patron of our foundation.

  Our patron, Ms. Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book “Pay it Forward”

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book “Pay it Forward”


To apply for a scholarship:

  • You must be disadvantaged and/or down-on-your-luck and be unable to pay for the desired course yourself. Examples include having suffered a misfortune such as an accident or disaster, or being in receipt of government welfare such as unemployment benefit or disability payments.
  • You must be an Australian citizen and at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a plan for how you intend to improve your life that requires vocational training or retraining.
  • You must possess the drive and motivation to complete a course of study by providing witnessed examples of your drive and motivation.
  • You must possess the necessary language, literacy, and numeracy ability to complete a course of study.
  • You must agree:
    – to complete the course of study if your application is successful,
    – to ‘pay it forward’ after the completion of your studies by helping three other people in a significant manner,
    – to provide us with details of how you ‘paid it forward’ and how the course has improved your life, and
    – to abide by our terms and conditions.

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