1. Request a scholarship provider account

Request a scholarship provider account using the form at

After we create your account, we will send you an email with your login details. Click on ‘Sign in’ and use your login credentials that we sent you. You should then be automatically redirected to the provider portal, or else click on the ‘Provider Portal’ link at the bottom of the page.

Main portal menu

2. Setup your school’s profile

Add a description for:

  • School name – such as ‘ABC training’.
  • RTO # — such as ‘32370’ or leave blank if your school is not a Registered Training Organisation.
  • Address – your school’s physical or postal address.
  • Email – this is your school’s public email address to handle enquiries (or leave blank).
  • Phone – this is your school’s telephone number to handle enquiries (or leave blank).
  • Website – your school’s web address (commencing with https://).
  • Logo – upload a graphical file of your school’s logo.
  • About Us – add a text description about your school.

Press ‘Save’.

3. Configure your settings

Add the following information:

  • Admin User – this is the email address of the person at your school who has administrative control of your school’s account at
  • Max review period – this is the maximum number of days that your school promises to process scholarship application. A typical value is 7 days. If you fail to process an application within this period, the application will automatically be rejected, and the applicant notified of the rejection.
  • Main Notification Email – this is the email address of the person at your school who will process scholarship applications. This can be the same person as ‘Admin User’.
  • Additional Recipients – add the email addresses of additional people at your school who should receive CC email notifications from the system. Use a comma to separate several email addresses.

Press ‘Save’.

4. Add your scholarships

Go to the ‘Scholarships’ tab and press ‘+ Add New’. For each scholarship type, you must specify:

  • Availability Status: ‘Open’ means that the scholarship will be available for public display. ‘Pending’ and ‘Closed’ scholarships are not publicly displayed.
  • Course Name – such as “TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment”.
  • Course Code – such as TAE40116.
  • Course website: The URL describing your course.
  • Number of Scholarships Available: An integer, e.g., 10 per year.
  • Retail Value: Enter the retail value of each seat on this course.
  • National Code: such as ‘TAE40116’.
  • Careers: Describe the career and jobs available to graduates of your course.
  • Pathway: Select either Face to Face Class or Distance Learning or Virtual / Online Class or Blended or Other. NOTE: If you offer the same course via different pathways (such as a face-to-face AND a distance course) then you would create two separate listings for this course, i.e., one for the face-to-face course and one for the distance course.
  • Location Available In PIFS Search: choose either Online (Anywhere, anytime), a Single Location , or Multiple Locations. You can specify either a capitol city or ‘regional’ for each state.
  • Description: Describe your course.
  • Prerequisites: Describe any prerequisites that are necessary to enrol in your course.

Press ‘Save’.

5. Publish your scholarship

Once your scholarship is ready to release, change its status to ‘Open’. Be sure to search for your scholarship listing to verify that it is being correctly displayed to the public.

Be sure to advertise your support of the foundation using either of these logos:

6. Process scholarship applications

Once an application is received by the system, it contacts the applicant’s referee (who must be a person of good standing in the community) to confirm the applicant’s supplied details and to recommend the applicant. If the referee does not confirm the applicant’s details or declines to recommend the applicant, the application is rejected, and the applicant is automatically notified of this by the system.

If the referee confirms the applicant’s details and recommends the applicant, an email is sent to you via the ‘Main Notification Email’ (as configured in your Settings tab) along with the application details, and the applicant is notified of the progress of their application. You then access the ‘Applications’ tab to accept or reject the scholarship application. An email is automatically sent to the applicant notifying them of your decision, of which you are BCC’ed.

A ‘Dashboard’ tab is also provided to allow you to review the status of all scholarship applications that are pending, and to review those that have been accepted or rejected.

The application process

A detailed view of the scholarship application process is available here: